Moto Doctor: a vocational training social enterprise

          I dropped out of school in grade 4 as my parents are unable to support me to continue school. So I see this skill will help me in my future career. VTSE Student

About the Program

The Moto Doctor social enterprise provides vocational training in motorbike repair in a fully operational repair shop. Dividing their time between the classroom and the shop floor, students are developing the skills to ultimately start their own business or find work in their community.

We recruit vulnerable young people from orphanages, from communities in which we run other programs and through partner NGOs. Students began their training while working closely with their case manager to set personal and professional goals and plans for starting a business or seeking employment when they graduate.

What we do

In addition to teaching moto repair, the program provides small business training and personal development skills.  As a social enterprise, the repair shop profits contribute to funding the delivery of services and ensure sustainability of the project.

          “I plan to rent a piece of land for opening his shop at the main road and plan to spend around (US)$200 that I already have and sell a buffalo for the rest. My son already planned that if I can’t help him, he will buy a tuk tuk to transport fixing tools to the main road and provide service there. He is confident he can make money from this job. But I will support him with the shop.”Parent of student in the Moto Doctor Vocational Training Program

Outcomes for all of This Life’s programs can be found in our Annual Report.

Moto Doctor Services

logo croppedMoto Doctor (“Kru Paet Moto” in Khmer) offers high quality, drop-in moto repair services in a convenient location along Angkor High School Road in Siem Reap, 7 days a week. Visit our Facebook page for more information:

Moto Doctor also offers specialised moto servicing packages for NGOs and local businesses. For more information, please write to:

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