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          When a parent or juvenile is incarcerated for a small crime, it can result in the separation of families, the loss of educational opportunities for children and families falling further into poverty. I’m proud to be leading a dynamic team to help identify familial networks of support and community based care options for children while providing strong case management and advocacy for families. Ven Sam, This Life in Family Program Coordinator

When a person is convicted of a crime, the consequences don’t just affect that person, they affect a whole family and even a community. If they are imprisoned, this is a time when families often break apart, and many children end up being sent to live in so-called “orphanages” when they are not orphans at all. If children do stay at home, the loss of income and transport can lead to children falling out of the education system.

This Life In Families is designed to provide support at this crucial time of crisis. We provide expert case management to families dealing with these challenges, including support with education and assistance in finding new ways to earn money to keep the family from tumbling into extreme poverty. We also help with visits to prisons, keeping family bonds strong and alive so that when a prisoner is released they return to their family and community to contribute in the future, rather than escaping to a city and ending up in a cycle of criminality, which is all too common.

Through this work, this program provides support to families in their moment of need so that when the crisis passes they are stronger than they were before.

What is the aim of the program?

To support and preserve vulnerable families at risk of separation to safely remain together.


What activities do we run?


What are the program outcomes?


Outcomes for all of This Life’s programs can be found in our Annual Report.

To learn about our program for youth in prison, go to This Life Beyond Bars


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