Research And Policy

          Good research is needed in Cambodia. The country cannot plan for major reform, build its economy, or reduce poverty without proper analysis of its ongoing challenges.

Director of leading development institute.

We are firm believers in the importance of rigorous research to guide all organisations which are working to deliver progress in developing countries. Research underpins all of our own programs, and we regularly use it to monitor the quality of our services and ensure they stay on track to meet their objectives. We have gathered extensive expertise in research, and provide this as a service to other organisations which can benefit from this.

To stay at the cutting edge of development we also stay on top of other studies, key national and regional statistics and policy developments relevant to our work, and facilitate the sharing of this information with our staff. We are transparent and want all to benefit from good research, which is why we publish all research on This Life’s website, social media, and other platforms.


What is the aim of the program?

To conduct rigorous, high quality and ethical research to inform the development of evidence-based policy and programs, supporting learning, change and innovation within and beyond our own organisation.


What activities do we run?



What are the program outcomes?

Outcomes for all of This Life’s programs can be found in our Annual Report.