#NotHerFault is a short film created by This Life to launch its 2020 awareness campaign for the International 16-days of Activism to End Violence Against Women (#IDEAVAW). The campaign ends on 10 December – the International Human Rights Day. Joining “Protection” (2018) and “Honourable Warrior” (2019), “#NotHerFault” is the 3rd installment in this yearly campaign aimed at highlighting gender-based violence and victim blaming in Cambodia.

Through the adaptation of several Cambodian proverbs, victim blaming has been woven into the fabric of Cambodian culture. It is often other women or those in authority who are responsible for victim blaming, and this makes it very difficult to combat gender-based violence and harassment.

“Without the hook the fruit does not fall”. This Khmer proverb is often used to explain that nothing happens without cause. In this context it is used to imply or suggest that the woman has done something to cause the man to act in the way that he did. In other words, it is the woman’s fault.

1 in 5 women and girls in Cambodia report experiences of harassment or gender-based violence. The actual numbers are likely to be much higher. 

To turn this around, we need to meet the culture of victim blaming head on and tackle the social stigma associated with domestic violence and harassment. 

It’s not her fault.

Explore the house.
Find the clothes.
Discover the stories.

This Life asked women in Cambodia to submit their stories of harassment, violence and abuse along with a description of the clothes they were wearing at the time. 

Stories you will discover prove that it is #NotHerFault.


This Life was born in the earliest conversations its founder held with Cambodian communities. Asked what they wanted from their future, many said they only had hopes for their next life, as improvement in their current lifetimes was impossible for them to even comprehend. We wanted to bring hope into people’s lives immediately, affecting real and sustainable change by working alongside communities either through direct intervention or by advocacy campaigns.

You can be part of this change. This Life depends on the goodwill, skills, and generosity of empathetic individuals, groups, and organisations from around the world.

– Are you a specialist looking for ethical volunteering opportunities in Cambodia?

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Would you like to help by skills sharing or providing us with novel technology to improve our work in Cambodia?

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Since you are here..

#NotHerFault is the centrepiece of an annual awareness-raising campaign dedicated to reducing gender-based violence and harassment in Cambodia. This Life also runs a range of other advocacy or intervention programs that tackle complex social issues faced by local communities.

You can support This Life’s work for as little as $10 by donating directly, or by contacting us to discuss other ways in which you can contribute.