This Life partners with NGOs to host a Reading Day Campaign

Ask most Cambodians what they want for their children, and they’ll probably answer “a good education.”

Exciting, literacy rates continue to grow in Cambodia. However, the growth is not happening as quickly in rural parts of the country, primarily due to a lack of basic access and poverty.  Improving literacy in Cambodia is essential for the country’s development and progress. By investing in literacy programs and initiatives, the country can create a more educated, empowered, and healthy population, boost economic growth and preserve its rich cultural heritage.

This is why the work of This Life In Schools is so important. The program is dedicated to strengthening each community’s capacity to help students and increasing the resources available.

On March 10th, with support from FHI 360, This Life partnered with NEP Cambodia and Teacher Development Support Organization (TDSO) to organise a Reading Day Campaign. 

The event was held at 28 Makara High School in Srei Snam District.

Over 300 people participated in the campaign, including the district deputy governor, the District Office of Education chief, teachers, students, and parents.   

In addition to reading activities and a poetry competition, there were also lessons and discussions introduced on the two important topics.

  1. The role of education in promoting and mainstreaming gender equality
  2.  Teacher Policy Implementation practices

The turnout and participation were great, and we’re thankful to our NGO partners, government partners, and donors, for their shared commitment to providing greater access to educational opportunities for Siem Reap’s most vulnerable children.


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