Impact, Learning and Effectiveness

Our Impact, Learning and Effectiveness (ILE) section exemplifies the structural importance that This Life places on research, self-assessment, learning and development. Created to translate community voices into new knowledge, which can then be used to inform good practice programming and as a tool to advocate for positive change, the ILE team oversees the monitoring, evaluation, and research for This Life’s programs. We regularly publish research reports which have an impact on an international level and make the information freely available to anyone who can use it. Our commitment to monitoring and evaluating our own work helps us learn from our mistakes, focus our energy on the things we do which are most successful, and ensure that we are always having the impact we hoped we would in communities.

In addition, ILE partners with philanthropists, academic institutions, and other organisations to conduct rigorous research to inform the development of evidence based policy and programs. Too many development initiatives and NGO programs are hampered by lack of local understanding, and we help to rectify that through our expert team of researchers. Our goal is for this section to be an engine for learning, change and innovation within and beyond our own organisation. Finally, this section also acts as an engine for change within the NGO sector, facilitating information sharing and collaboration between other NGOs, allowing even small NGOs to develop the skills they need to create change and communicate that change.

This Life is committed to the dissemination of information about results and lessons to all stakeholders – primary stakeholders, partners and donors.

Programs include:

Research and Policy

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning 

Capacity and Partnership Development