Awards, recognition, and media coverage

Awards and recognition

At This Life, we have been very fortunate to have our work recognised through a number of awards. Primarily relating to our creative campaigning, many of the awards below are international, and we’ve beaten big global brands such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Priceline, and Lifebuoy. We are pleased that the work of so many This Life staff members can be highlighted. At This Life, an award for any aspect of what we do is an award for every single staff member!


Awards for Virtual Reality: Ending Gender-based violence against women


Awards for Not Her Fault campaign

Shortlisted, winners yet to be announced:


Awards for Honourable Warrior campaign


Awards for Protection campaign

Other awards


This Life in the media

Below are selected news items featuring This Life’s work.


COVID-19 outbreaks highlight urgency of prison reforms in Cambodia – Cambodianess
How did a small NGO beat a global brand like Jean Paul Gaultier?
– Festival of Media

NGO calls on government to provide juvenile prison facilities – Khmer Times


TLC addresses harassment through virtual exhibition – Phnom Penh Post
Not Her Fault: A campaign to end the victim-blaming culture – Cambodianess
This Life Cambodia addresses gender-based violence through cinema – Khmer Times
Annual Not-for-profit Tech Awards recognise innovators, volunteers and lifetime achievements – Connecting Up
Local NGO mixes media and activism to fix society – Phnom Penh Post


Ending domestic violence through the revival of the Honourable Warrior – Phnom Penh Post
New York, New York Global honour for TLC – Khmer Times
TLC organisation wins grassroots justice prize – Khmer Times
NGO film addressing domestic violence wins Australian Award – Phnom Penh Post


NGO’s domestic violence video exceeds 1M views on Facebook – Phnom Penh Post

Media enquiries

If you’d like to talk to us about our work, or if you’d like expert commentary on one of our focus areas, please get in touch: We’d love to talk to you about issues in Cambodia including, but not limited to,