Senior Staff attend webinar with UK-based Emotional Intelligence Company

On June 29th, 2022, Senior Staff from This Life NGO (Siem Reap) engaged in a management improvement webinar led by Gary Hosey, Master Trainer from the UK-based Emotional Intelligence Company. is a global leader in the provision of emotional intelligence and support, developing and coaching managers and executives from across a range of industrial sectors.

As part of a planned series of collaborations, Gary provided an introduction to Emotional Intelligence in the workspace, which included principles, skills, knowledge, and philosophy.  Gary illustrated the importance of emotional intelligence in the day-to-day management and its value when making key decisions.

With the importance of well-being and work-life balance, This Life was keen to engage a global leader in emotional intelligence to help support managers to improve their performance.  It also compliments wider training being undertaken in support of workplace mental health.

The webinar was attended by 14 senior Officers who claimed the training was practical and valuable. Gary and This Life’s staff worked interactively, and barriers, such as workplace culture and practice, were managed.

Gary said, “We’re delighted to be supporting This Life in developing their leaders.  We planned for some language differences, and we were able to help extend the staff’s vocabulary by illustrating the variety of words that help describe emotions differently.”

Philip Gover from This Life said, “the workshop was fantastic; it has provided senior staff with a new insight into a dynamic management skill.  It has left staff with a clear understanding that their emotions influence their thinking and that their thinking impacts their emotions.  We look forward to working with Gary again to help fortify and extend our knowledge.” will provide This Life with a second follow-up management webinar in September.


Philip J Gover

Impact, Learning & Effectiveness Section Lead
Mobile:  +855 (0) 9225 4595
Office:  +855(0) 63 966 050

Gary Hosey     

Master Trainer & Senior Coach
Mobile:  +44 (0) 7540 135 965
HQ:  +44 (0) 1325 789 464


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