The Home Stretch


The wet season is now in full swing. It rains for the greater part of the early afternoon and threatens to continue on during the night. Work on the school buildings has now been limited to the weather. The old thatched classrooms are at least one foot under water, making them impossible to teach from. Lucky for us all we have managed to secure enough funds to complete all three classrooms and the Office/Library/Computer building.

The students have now been moved out of the old thatched classrooms into the new school buildings. We are still waiting to finish off the slab in the Office/Library/Computer building before we lay the tiles in all the buildings. The project remains on time and on budget, even with all the obstacles we have faced, mainly due to the communities enthusiasm and your kind support.

This Life Cambodia and the SHCC would like to thank the following for their financial contribution and support to the project. Our friend from France , Juergen – our friends from the U.S.A, Mike & Jane – our friend Linda, also from the U.S.A – Lauren and the Mount Waveley Girl guides, who fundraised by selling boxes of chocolates in their community. Your kind support will enable the SHCC project to provide a safe, dry and secure environment for the students to study in.

Total funding received for the SHCC project to date is US$7400. A total of US$4642 is still needed to complete the project. US$1357 for school materials, such as course books, work books, teaching aids etc and US$3285 for the solar power system, which will power lights, fans and laptop computers. Every dollar we receive goes directly to the SHCC project.

We expect to have the buildings completed by the 1st of June 2008 (which leaves us 9 days), so watch this space!

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