A Snake, Some Paint and a Bit of Sweat


Today we were at it again. It was hot, very hot. It threatened to rain, but it didn’t. There wasn’t even any relief swimming in the ponds, the water was hot. We soldiered on and got the job done.

First we started moving bricks. Some of us were wondering why but there was a good reason; we had to find the giant snake at the very bottom of the pile. It wasn’t poisonous (at least that was what we were told) and after a few photos it was released in next doors garden.

The office walls have been primed and almost completely painted, almost! We ran out of paint which was a great excuse to get out of the heat.

The tiles are now being laid in the first of the classrooms. By the end of the week, with our fingers crossed, we should have all the classrooms tiled. They look amazing!

The school desks are near completion. The frames have been made out of bamboo with slabs of wood as the table tops and seats. Photos will be added in the very near future once all the desks and chairs are complete. The community has been extremely generous donating the materials needed. Ingenuity and hard work has paid off, producing some brilliant designer furniture.

Once again This Life Cambodia and the SHCC project would like to thank the community and those who volunteer their time and energy to make the project a success, and of course our donors. Without you all we could not have achieved what we have.

Keep a look out over the next week for updated photos.

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