Classrooms Up and Running


Today brought a new beginning to SHCC. It was the first day teaching out of the new classrooms. We took a week break from classes to prepare us all for the transition out of the old thatched school.

The community has been working really hard to get all the desks prepared for the community centre and really deserve a pat on the back for producing amazing quality furniture at a fraction of the cost it would have had to pay if we bought them new from town.

The tiles have been laid after a few hiccups along the way. Tiles are a luxury in Cambodia and very few if any people from the community had ever laid them. Our first attempt didn’t look so great so the community, SHCC and This Life Cambodia decided it would be best if we found a local professional to finish the job for us. In the end it paid off. The school looks absolutely fabulous.

Click on the following link to view pictures of the new classrooms.

Classroom Photos

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