Faces of SHCC


These are some of the smiling faces of the 250 plus SHCC enrolled students. This week has been all about getting the students registered with the school. Once all students are registered we can monitor continuity and their progression throughout their time learning at the community centre.

The registration form allows us to gain a greater understanding of individual students, their educational background, their family situation, how far they are traveling to get to and from SHCC, methods of transportation etc. It will also allow us to produce concise data on certain areas and produce needs assessments for future projects.

It has become apparent through the registration process that children who cannot afford to attend government schools are applying to study at SHCC. Unfortunately it is a condition for students who study at SHCC to also attend government school. This is due to the fact that SHCC provides extra-curricular education and vocational training, not a public school curriculum. This Life Cambodia aims to support these children at both Government school and SHCC.

It has always been a goal of This Life Cambodia to provide a scholarship program for SHCC, supporting exceptional students in their quest to further educate themselves. Therefore in the near future we intend to incorporate a program to support underprivileged students, enabling them to attend government school. Please have a look at the following link so you can understand the hurdles facing poor families and their children in Cambodia:

In October 2008 This Life Cambodia will hit the road in Australia to raise funds for both SHCC and our Scholarship program. We strongly encourage you to get on board. Whether you are from Australia or not there are a million and one fundraising activities you can join in. But first we need to complete the current SHCC project. We are very close to raising all the funds necessary. At the moment we only need a further US$4050.

If you get talking to a friend, a family member, some random stranger over a cup of coffee, pass them on this website address. We have had great success publicising This Life Cambodia through word of mouth and I thank you all for that.

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