Where There’s a Well


Here are the photos I promised. It has been just over a month since our last update. Here is what has happened.

* The well has been installed. It is in the ground, thirty metres down. It is quite amazing to see how far the centre has progressed. This may seem a small achievement but when you consider that less than 25% of Siem Reap population has access to clean drinking water it is quite something! Thanks of course goes to everyone who has donated to the success of the project.

* 260 students have now sat English exams! Our classes are well on their way to being streamlined. There is continuity in our English program and it is really shining through with great exam results. We have a copy of text books and work books for EVERY student! (Makes life so much easier). As students progress through the levels we will need to purchase more.

* SHCC has two new staff members for our Preschool Program. Eighty children now are getting the head start they need before entering the government schooling system.

* Our organic gardens are truly insane. It should not be possible for tomatoes to grow as fast as they have. John you will be impressed! And I am sure you won’t believe the photos.

* This Life Cambodia has a new Project/Program Proposal in the pipeline. We are just waiting to raise the funds for Solar Power for SHCC. We are so close to completing the building side of the project. A few more steps and we will be there.

Keep a look out for new updates in the coming weeks as This Life Cambodia will have a very exciting announcement to make!

Until next time…

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