Introducing Se, This Life Cambodia’ Programs Officer


This Life Cambodia has started its scholarship program. After a lot of research and listening to the communities we work with we opted to start our scholarship program for rural children entering secondary school. We offer support to reintegrate students back into the public education system whilst also providing assistance to help students continue their studies in their quest for knowledge and a brighter future. Our aims, objectives and comprehensive reports regarding our program are available on our PROGRAMS PAGE.

I would now like to introduce our Programs Officer, Sen Se, who joined This Life Cambodia in October 2008. Se has brought a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge along with him. Previous to joining our team Se worked as an Assistant Director at a community development organisation. Se has extensive management experience, community project involvement and international donor interaction. During his previous position Se’s major responsibility was managing a university scholarship program. Enough from me, now it’s over to Se.

Hello, my name is Se. I was born in Kampong Charm province. My parents are farmers and fishers. I was a lucky boy in the village who was encouraged to go to school while most of the boys were sent by their parents to the farm and lake.

After I finished high school in 2004, I moved to live in Siem Reap where I spent times working in a hotel and taking part time English classes. A year later, I entered the university and took major English. I got the scholarship from a non-profit development organization based in Siem Reap in 2006 and I am sponsored by an American couple, Gay and Charles. And then I worked for one year and half for a Community Development Organisation, which the last half year I was working as an Assistant Managing Director.

Now I’m working with This Life Cambodia as the Programs Officer. I enjoy working with this position very much. I’m responsible for carrying out all activities regarding the Scholarship Program.

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