What’s the best gift you can give this Christmas? A future.

We know there are lots of things competing for your wallet’s attention right now, like gifts for family or causes close to home. But we believe the most valuable and lasting gift you can give is a future to a child. What’s more, from now until the end of the year, your tax deductible donation to a Cambodian child’s education will be matched so it makes double the impact, thanks to a generous TLC supporter. 
What does that mean?
  • AU$15 will pay for $30 of schoolbooks, enough for two children from poor, rural communities.
  • AU$30 will pay for a $60 bicycle so a child who lives 10 kilometres from school can get there safely every day.
  • AU$250 will become $500, training a teacher who can provide education and hope to thousands of children.

Because the sad truth is that every year in rural Cambodia, hundreds of thousands of bright, optimistic young children drop out of school before they turn 14, driven by poverty or a lack of quality education nearby. These are children like Rith, who tells his story in the moving video below.


By dropping out early, these children often end up working on dangerous construction sites, or migrating overseas to work under terrible conditions. But it doesn’t take a lot to help children like Rith in a developing country with low costs like Cambodia. Maybe just a bicycle to enable them to make it to school. Maybe a good, trained teacher who can inspire their family and make them believe that education can turn their lives around. Maybe an engaged community who’ll help improve the school and encourage kids to attend.

We can help – if you help usThis Life Cambodia started out twelve years ago thanks to individual donors who believed in our potential to change lives. We still rely on them to help us be creative and effective enough to change lives that others cannot. We are an acclaimed, award-winning NGO known for effectiveness and low overheads. We work alongside Cambodian communities to transform the kind of rural schools that large NGOs sometimes ignore, giving thousands of children a future. Don’t believe us? Just ask Rith:
“Now I am going to stay in school I will be a doctor. Then I can help my fellow Cambodians, and my parents when they get older.”

Help a child like Rith and you help a whole family, a whole community, a whole country. Please donate, and thank you.

NOTE: We have been offered up to AU$2,500 of matching funds by our generous supporter, paid out for every donation made from AU$15 up. Should we be fortunate enough to hit our target we will update our website and Facebook page. This offer lasts until 23.59 on 31st December 2019. All children’s names have been changed.

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