Thousands join campaign to End Violence Together

Right now TLC is in the middle of our biggest campaign for social change yet, created to tackle the widespread problem of domestic violence. At least 1 in 5 Cambodian women experience domestic violence, as well as almost 50% of children. Yet only 8% of the population knows that there is a law that gives women and children the right to live a life free of violence.

These tragic facts inspired End Violence Together, which is designed to grab attention, increase awareness of the law and provide practical support to those experiencing violence. Cambodian celebrities who have lent their support include Nikki Nikki, Yan Linda, Mr Oun, Ting Tong, Sam Rocker, Nov Dana and Catherine Harry.

The heart of the campaign is a creative short film imagining a world where abused women and children have to wear motorcycle helmets inside their own houses to protect themselves. Of course, in the real world this is not possible, which is why the video directs people to an interactive campaign page where people can learn about the law and places they can get help.

200,000 Cambodians have engaged with the campaign through sharing, liking and commenting.

TLC has worked to combat domestic violence since it was founded in 2007. In 2014 it researched the problem within communities extensively, and began piloting initiatives to help women. It’s This Life Without Violence Program now work with more than 3,500 women and children across 22 communes.

This is our link to the campaign page, featuring the video, law and digital helmet:

You can see our many campaign materials, case studies, statistics and celebrity supporters at our Facebook page,

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