Student Councils: Building Leadership and Confidence

Student councils pay an important role in our Lower Secondary School Development Program (LSSDP).  By tapping into the energy of youth in the community, we are able to incorporate their ideas and perspectives into school development projects.  We are finding that a focused set of activities helps to develop the untapped potential of the Student Councils and provides  opportunities to develop skills in leadership, cooperation, communication and problem solving. 

Empowered youth help their friends who have learning difficulties, talk with their peers to prevent dropouts, as well as gain motivation and build self-confidence through practicing their knowledge.   The LSSDP program has been focusing on developing student council members through training on leadership and management, communication skills, and learning and sharing their experiences at regular monthly meetings.  This not only supports them in their role as student council members but helps them to prepare for their continued study at high school as well as their future career.    

In early July, it was time to celebrate the successes of the Students Councils from three lower secondary schools in Trapaing Prey, Kampong Khleang and Chann Sar. Each council shared their results for the past year which is a great opportunity to gain new ideas and learn from other schools. More than 90 participants including students, teachers, and School Support Committees participated. Student Councils work closely with School Support Committees to support their peers, promote the value of education and gather engagement from the community.

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