This Life Cambodia in Partnership with VOICE Linking & Learning

This Life Cambodia (TLC) is now the Linking and Learning Facilitator for Voice in Cambodia. Listening to community voices and engaging with community members has always been the cornerstone of This Life Cambodia’s work.  Translating community voices into progressive action is central to our mission which is why we are pleased to be working in direct collaboration with Voice Cambodia.

Voice Linking and Learning is focused on enabling the sharing of experiences and lessons from various initiatives. It allows successful projects to scale, learn from successes and mistakes and consider new ideas and approaches.  Linking & Learning aims to produce evidence, learning and innovative solutions to promote transformative change for the most marginalised groups of people.

TLC supports Voice grantees in developing their own linking and learning. As facilitators, we promote participation of members of the Voice target groups and further the building of communities of practice around issues and challenges that concern them.  Working with the Voice team and grantees, we are developing a platform that supports collaboration, including those in geographically remote areas. By organising events and meetings and developing thought provoking pieces, we will amplify grantees’ voices at the local, regional, and national level.


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