Social Enterprises You Can Support in Cambodia: Moto Doctor

This is a guest post from Jessica Whalen, a student at Canberra University, who participated in a study tour in southeast Asia  to learn from and about social enterprises. The group spent a few days learning about our programs, with a focus on our social enterprise, Moto Doctor. Followed by a day of brainstorming, three teams of students  presented TLC staff with their great ideas and creative suggestions for growing and marketing the Moto Doctor business and brand.

This Life Cambodia is an NGO stationed in Siem Reap dedicated to community development. I visited This Life Cambodia (TLC) during my time in Siem Reap and spent 4 days with them learning of their operations. Together with my team we developed feasible solutions, strategies and marketing plans to re-launch their vocational training development program Moto Doctor.

TLC started back in 2007 by Billy Gorter after he noticed a discrepancy in marginalized community support including prison rehabilitation, family support, women and children’s issues, children’s education, job stability and vocational training.

“Vision – This Life Cambodia’s vision is for vulnerable children, families and communities in Cambodia to be supported to access and create opportunities in this life.”

“Mission – To listen to, engage with and advocate alongside children, families and communities as they define and act on their own solutions to complex social challenges.”

The passion and enthusiasm of this team was truly admirable, and I look back very fondly at the opportunity I had to work with them. TLC operates with communities best interests in mind. Every initiative they put in place is evaluated with careful planning and communication with local communities to ensure the intentions of their efforts are put to the most sustainable and efficient use.

How can I support it?

You can support the efforts of TLC by making a donation on their website here, or get involved in fundraising online, hosting/attending an event, or volunteer/interning with their team.

Moto Doctor – Siem Reap

Moto Doctor is a full service mechanical shop run by experienced mechanics and in-training marginalised youth. The Moto Doctor program is run in collaboration with This Life Cambodia, as another avenue where they support Cambodian communities and the youth develop educational skills. Moto Doctor provide students free vocational education for a year to support students to develop the skills required to open their own mechanical motorbike stores and find jobs.

I worked alongside TLC during my week in Siem Reap with my team to develop feasible solutions, strategies and marketing plans to re-launch the vocational training development program in early 2018.

How can I support it?

Like many travellers you may choose to travel South East Asia by motorbike. If this is the case, utilise Moto Doctor as a priority in Siem Reap for any motorbike repairs you may need done. They provide a professional service, and all prices are up front and listed in English and Khmer at the shop front. You can also support this cause by donating to the vocational training program on This Life Cambodia’s website.


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