Community Involvement in Keeping Families Together

This Life in Community is our program centered around enabling community support for families who are risk of separation.  The reasons are many and varied but whatever the cause, our goal is to equip the communities we work in with the tools to develop alternative solutions to placing children in residential care.  We currently work in two communes in Siem Reap — Kampong Khleang and Kien Sangkae.  In addition to holding training sessions and workshops for the Commune Council for Women and Children we develop community wide awareness raising events, enlisting the participation of all residents. 

Last week, in Kien Sangkae commune 22 secondary school students performed a play for their community on the much better option of raising children in community based care. Over 500 people including teachers, local authorities, students and their parents attended the performance which was followed by a lively Q&A session. 

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