H.O.P.E. and This Life Cambodia’s Internship Program

H.O.P.E (Harnessing Opportunities through Play & Education), a UK based non-profit organisation has been a supporter of This Life Cambodia since 2011. Funding projects that promise a better future for young adults (16-25 year olds) through play, education and development, H.O.P.E is a sponsor of TLC’s Internship program. Tanya Seeley, one of the two founding partners spoke to us recently about her motivation for starting H.O.P.E and why she and co-founder Jo Hansen chose to work with TLC.

“Jo and I first met as volunteers at Sangkheum Center in 2006. At the time there were many projects being started in Siem Reap by westerners. I was teaching English and one of the people I met was Billy Gorter. Even though he was just starting TLC, it was readily apparent that he knew what he was doing – very thorough, very prepared, and in touch with the local culture.”

When Tanya returned to the U.K. she knew she wanted to do something for Cambodia longer term. Returning for a visit in 2008, she saw how many development projects and NGOs had sprung up. Not wanting to create yet another project, she and Jo decided to support efforts in place, that were well managed and in it for the long term. Raising awareness and raising money back in the U.K. seemed like the best way to help.

H.O.P.E officially started in late 2008 to support Sangkheum Center with a Young Adult Program. Having kept in touch with Billy, when TLC launched its internship program Tanya determined it was a good fit for H.O.P.E’s mission to create better futures for young adults.

“We love TLC’s internship program – it supports young women to complete their education and get valuable work experience. It is fully aligned to H.O.P.E’s key objectives and we are inspired by the way Billy and his team look at underlying issues and are so passionately committed to collaborating with local communities.”

Since 2008 H.O.P.E has helped just over 200 young adults including those who have completed the TLC Internship Program.

This Life empowers Cambodians to make an impact on complex social justice issues, using grassroots community consultation approaches, community development techniques, and strengths-based case management for direct service provision to children and families.


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