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This Life Cambodia is proud to report a 93% majority of Cambodian staff. This is rooted in the belief and knowledge that community engagement and program activity on the ground in Cambodia is best achieved and delivered by local people. This also reinforces This Life Cambodia’s core value that local people in Cambodia are experts on their own development – identifying the issues that are relevant to them, and the solutions they know will work to improve their quality of life.

As with many other NGOs in Cambodia, and indeed the world, This Life Cambodia also relies on foreign staff to assist in areas of capacity building, general management, and various other roles. Second foreigner-on-staff only to Executive Director, Billy Gorter, Hayley Lee Allen was brought on-board This Life Cambodia in March 2015. Hayley fulfils the role of Strategic Partnerships Officer, responsible for achieving funding for the organisation through developing and maintaining connections with international and national donors. These connections take many forms – whether it be a partnership to open a social enterprise supporting at risk children to learn skills to improve their income generation capacity, or a funding arrangement with foreign governments to deliver programs in juvenile justice – strategic partnerships are at the core of the sustainability of This Life Cambodia’s community-led program delivery.

Without the support of the donors we are indebted to, This Life Cambodia would simply not achieve the high levels of impact we see each and every time we evaluate our own activity.

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