GPP certification

This Life Cambodia is honoured to announce that our organisation is now Governance and Professional Practice (GPP) certified by the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC). CCC has implemented the voluntary GPP certification process to promote good practice and professionalism of  NGOs and civil society organisations in Cambodia. GPP certification is an exciting benchmark demonstrating the progress TLC has made towards our goals of professionalism, sustainability, and transparency. The certification recognises the integrity of TLC and welcomes TLC into an elite group of NGOs in Cambodia that are highly regarded and a symbol of trust for donors, volunteers, and other organisations.

The process of becoming GPP certified is extensive and complex. TLC is very proud of the work our team and our Deputy Director Sen Se have accomplished in order to achieve this certification. Thanks to the motivation, enthusiasm and commitment of the entire team, this voluntary certification will help TLC to be recognised internationally as an organization that is dedicated to accountability and transparent practices. TLC is eager to work with the support of GPP to reach our vision of local communities where people are empowered to access their rights.


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