The sun is shining, thank you!

Thank you to all who contributed to the 2013 Flood Relief Appeal

Towards the close of 2013 Cambodia was struck by devastating floods, which impacted approximately 1.5 million people and killed more than 120. The flooding was most pronounced in the provinces where TLC works. Flooding severely impacted our ability to administer our projects and provide our regular support to families and communities, but it devastated homes, schools, businesses and crops. Unfortunately it is often the most vulnerable who feel these effects for the longest.

One of the biggest challenges for the This Life Beyond Bars Program was the collapse of an arterial wall at Beanteay Meachey Prison (BMC). This resulted in the mass evacuation of 840 prisoners. The flooding also devastated our This Life Beyond Bars Program’s Vocational Training Centre, irrevocably damaging and destroying all training materials and resources.

We reached out for support to help us get back on our feet and got a fantastic response! The generous support from Exo Foundation, Pactics and number of special individual donors reached nearly $4000. We’d like to thank everyone who contributed and responded so quickly.

We were able to re-commence a full schedule of This Life Beyond Bars project activities by early January 2014. Funds from the appeal also went to providing additional support to keep families with a parent in prison on their feet through this challenging time, through visits to their family members in prison and emergency relief.


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