‘Choun bon pong’ from Krabei Riel

In Cambodia, after we attend a ceremony or visit the Pagoda we say “choun bon pong” to our family and friends who didn’t attend, to share the blessing around. We are happy to share the latest success from Krabei Riel with our supporters around the world: on the 31st of May the School Support Committee in Krabei Riel hosted a Bon Phka (flower ceremony), raising over $3000 for school development! 

This is the final year of the Lower Secondary School Development Program (LSSDP) in Krabei Riel, and This Life Cambodia is extremely proud of the School Support Committee. Borany, LSSDP Program Coordinator, says “I feel really proud of what the SSC has done. They have strong commitment to this work. It was great to see how everyone came together with the same purpose. The commune chief, village chief, monks, women from the pagoda, parents and students were all there”. 

“I handed out more than $10 this week!” School Support Committee member Ms. Chanthy says laughing. She adds that she was so happy to see the students involved. For the Bon Pkha, Ms. Chanthy prepared ceremonial banana tree stalks with her own money tied to the leaves and carried them door-to-door through the community. She also donated to her children’s collections to help them get started with their fundraising. Over $1000 was raised through community contributions alone. Funds were also contributed by Member of Parliament H.E. Seang Nam, who was contacted by the Krabei Riel Pagoda on behalf of the School Support Committee. Seeing the community’s commitment, H.E. Seang Nam donated $2000 in support of their school development work.

At the ceremony students carried the banana tree trunks with money tied to the leaves around the school to bring good luck, before the monks performed the ceremony in one of the classrooms. The goal was to raise enough to pay back the loan the community had taken to level and landscape the school grounds. This goal was met and then some, and the additional $700 will go towards improving classrooms and fixing the roof of the school building. 


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