Krabei Riel School Support Committee Members as Committed as Ever

This will be the final year for the Lower Secondary School Development Program working with the fantastic School Support Committee (SSC) in Krabei Reil. The LSSDP team conducted a refresher training workshop in September and spent an afternoon with SSC members practicing Participatory Rural Appraisal techniques in the community. Krabei Riel SSC members have shown a huge amount of commitment to their work and lots of energy for this final year in the LSSDP program.

The few months leading up to a new school year are always challenging for School Support Committee members. Rainy season means it’s time to plant rice, but it also means the possibility of flooding and many children fall sick when the weather changes. Many SSC members are also village chiefs, members of other community councils, or have responsibilities at the pagoda. With all of this going on, SSC members conduct Participatory Rural Appraisals to determine community priorities for the new school year, undertake enrollment campaigns and develop the Annual School Development Work Plan. At the yearly evaluation meeting in August, Krabei Riel SSC members said that despite all of the family and community pressure they are under in their daily lives, they are happy to be part of the SSC, and committed to making real changes for their community’s lower secondary school.

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