Australian Ambassador Visits This Life and Edith House

In the second week of June, This Life was thrilled to host the Australian Ambassador to Cambodia, Justin Whyatt, Sokunthea Nguon, and Paul Jenkins.

They visited our office in Siem Reap and had the chance to visit Edith House, our groundbreaking social enterprise program. We recruit vulnerable young people from orphanages, from communities where we run other programs, and through partner NGOs. Students begin their training by working closely with their case manager to set personal and professional goals and plans for starting a business or seeking employment when they graduate. They are empowered with life skills, personal development, vocational training, and all the support they need to prepare for a bright future.

The ambassador also had a chance to meet some of our volunteers from Australian Volunteers Program. For over 10 years, the program has supported This Life with incredible volunteers who have brought immense strategic and operations value, propelling us to new heights. Our founder, Billy Gorter, actually came to Cambodia through the program, and the rest, as they say, is history.

In the words Susan Black, one of our current volunteers, “great people, great program.”

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