Research & Consultancy

The research below was conducted by This Life Cambodia’s Community Research and Consultancy program and research partners. In collaboration with TLC program staff, the CRCP team conducts and oversees the monitoring and evaluation of all TLC programs. We also design and conduct research on topics that emerge from TLC program areas with a focus on human rights, juvenile justice and school development. TLC: Enhancing Collaboration Between School Management and District and Provincial Offices of Education (2017) Overview: Cambodian government reforms to further decentralize education decision making to local levels have led to some successes and many challenges. This research was undertaken in Siem Reap province to identify how collaboration between school management and district and provincial offices of education could be enhanced and to highlight successful examples of cooperation and partnership. Download PDF (in English) Download PDF (in Khmer)   Cover_CRVAW Eval TLC: Community Responses to Violence Against Women Pilot Evaluation (2016) Overview: The CRVAW program applied a community development framework for empowering community-led action on the complex issues of domestic violence and violence against women at the grassroots level. CRVAW succeeded in engaging citizens in meaningful ways, to identify priorities for action on prevention and response. The project was part of an interagency program, in partnership with ICS and TPO. Download PDF TLC: Parallel Private Lessons (2016) Overview: This research, done in partnership with the University of Hong Kong (HKU) examines the scale and nature of private tutoring lessons received by secondary school students in Siem Reap province. The report explains the prevalence of private tutoring, reasons for its use, and implications for policy makers and school management. Download PDF (in English) Download PDF (in Khmer) TLBB_3 year_cover copy TLC: This Life Beyond Bars 3 Year Evaluation (2014) Overview: This Life Beyond Bars (TLBB) is a program by This Life Cambodia, which has been implemented in Siem Reap, Oddar Meanchey and Banteay Meanchey Provinces. This comprehensive Evaluation Report highlights the overall success of TLBB in providing an alternative model of support for juveniles in prison, and for families with a parent in prison. The evidence presented positions TLBB as a good practice model in Cambodia. Download PDF Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 2.29.44 pm TLC: Community Views on Violence Against Women in Chi Kraeng Commune (2014) Overview: This research gathers community voices into a local evidence base for designing a project that addresses the priority issue of violence against women and children in Chi Kraeng Commune, Siem Reap Province. In line with TLC’s comittment to community-led evidence-based practice, this research was conducted as a starting point for commune-level programming that responds to this priority issue in Cambodia. Download PDF Report Cover 2 - CSR copy TLC: Harnessing Corporate Social Responsibility Towards Education for All: A Cambodia Case Study (2014) Overview: This qualitative scoping study finds that corporate organisations in Cambodia that aspire to good business practice through CSR or philanthropy are potentially powerful allies and advocates for the Education for All agenda. Challenges are identified and recommendations made for building on this common ground. The study was conducted in partnership with NEP Cambodia and with funding support from ASPBAE. Download PDF TLC_LKC Evaluation TLC: Lotus Kids Club Program Evaluation (2013) Overview: This external evaluation was commissioned by Senhoa Foundation, to evaluation the Lotus Kids Club, part of Senhoa’s early intervention strategies to end vulnerabilities through education, family development and community building. This evaluation was conducted by TLC’s Community Research and Consultancy Program, engaging with an Evaluation Stakeholder Group including key stakeholders of LKC, to ensure the evaluation process was transparent and participatory. Download PDF LSSDPEval Report cover.jpg TLC: Lower Secondary School Development Program Pilot Phase Evaluation (2013) Overview: The evaluation describes the success of the LSSDP in empowering communities to support their local public lower secondary school (grades 7 to 9), positioning the program as a good practice model for engaging whole communities in school development at the grassroots level, and in particular for supporting School Support Committees to lead school development. Download PDF COVER_CleanWaterCommunityDevelopment-page-001 (1) TLC: Challenges of Clean Water and Community Development: A comparison of arsenic removal systems in Cambodia and India (2013) Overview: This study, with funding from the Tagore SenGupta Foundation, explores issues around arsenic removal in villages in India and Cambodia. Findings reinforce the notion that access to clean water is a human right not being met by many families in the study. Results highlight important implications for policy makers and NGOs involved in the distribution of safe water to villages in Cambodia and India. Download PDF TLC: Private Tutoring and Public School Study: A Survey of Six Schools in Cambodia [in Khmer] by Tuot Mono and William C. Brehm Overview: This report investigates the quality and equity implications of private tutoring in the broader context of privatisation of public education. Building on the existing research of private tutoring in Cambodia, the study examines the equity issues resulting from a public-private hybrid system of schooling. Funding for this research came from the Open Society Institute. Download PDF TLC: Rethinking Sustainability: The Unintended Outcomes of School-Based Management Reforms in Cambodia (2012) Overview: This report is an evaluation of the Lower Secondary School Development Program’s work in school-based management reform through School Support Committees. It finds that the program’s most meaningful impact is horizontal integration (connecting to other community members), not vertical integration (connecting with government structures). Download PDF TLC: This Life Beyond Bars Siem Reap Year 1 report: February 2011 – January 2012. Overview: This evaluation report chronicles the activities of This Life Beyond Bars through its first year of work in the Siem Reap prison and three communes. Activities include vocational training, family scholarship support, and community development. Download PDF OSI: The Public-Private Education System in Cambodia: The Impact and Implications of Complementary Tutoring by William C. Brehm, Iveta Silova & Tuot Mono Overview: The Privatisation of Education Research Initiative commissioned this research conducted by This Life Cambodia and Lehigh University. The research looks at the equity and quality implications of private tutoring in Cambodia. A TLC report written in Khmer is based on this research. Download PDF